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Jane joined SMA Tourism in 2015 as the food, wine, hospitality, health and wellness tourism expert, and is based in Newcastle, Australia. Jane has 20 years’ experience in tourism and hospitality business development, operations and marketing – developed through operating her own café, catering and food production business. She blends lateral thinking, creative concepts and a passion to deliver interactive experiences.

Jane leads the SMA Tourism delivery of best practice research, benchmarking and competitor analysis. Her style is to start with the Internet, find promising leads and then pursue them on a one to one basis. Jane’s persistent yet polite style results in deeper insights about why practices worked or failed, and what reflections to make implementation work better.

Jane also leads SMA Tourism delivery of visitor research, market research and market testing, cutting across online, face to face and focus group methods. She also delivers much of the company’s consultation, coordinating interviews, workshops, public place information stands, online surveys, online ideas boards and ideas competitions.

Consequently, Jane’s work is implemented across almost every project in the business – from tourism planning to product development to feasibilities and business cases.

As a certified trainer in hospitality, Jane also reaches into capacity building at the community and small business levels.

Jane manages all of the back of house activities of SMA Tourism – from office to account management.


Benchmarking, Business development, Capacity building, Consultation & engagement, Hospitality and operations management, Market research, Market testing, Product audits, Product development, Training