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Creating inspiring places

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Diagnosis & Planning

We diagnose what the market wants and isn’t getting, what experiences are driving the brand, and what products need reinvigoration.

Feasibility Studies

Through our experience, research and market testing, we build competitiveness, and then detailed forecasts so it is clear what makes the business work.

Product Development

We reinvigorate and develop experiences that meet unfulfilled customer needs, leaving the destination or business more competitively positioned to attract greater market share and customer yield.

Creating inspiring places

Our projects

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Diagnosis & Planning: Case Study for Luxury Lodge development

We were asked to make an informed assessment of the market opportunity, commercial feasibility and expected economic benefits of expanding the luxury lodge offering in the Northern Territory, Central Australia.

Working with GHD Advisory, we:

  • Prepared a Situation Analysis, featuring a full analysis of current NT luxury market data, determine unfulfilled demand for luxury lodges in the Northern Territory, benchmark relevant luxury lodges, conduct a course assessment of 21 potential regions, and then a detailed site assessment of 15 sites
  • Developed luxury lodge concept designs for two shortlisted sites
  • Prepared a business case covering financial and commercial feasibility assessment, potential barriers and constraints, as well as potential investment levers the NT Government could consider pursuing to maximise private sector investment

Photos courtesy of Tourism Australia

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Man taking photo from helicopter, Nitmiluk Gorge, Northern Territory
Nitmiluk Gorge, Northern Territory
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Product Development: Case Study for Glamping at Western Plains Zoo

We developed three new accommodation experiences to increase the competitiveness and profitability of the Western Plains Zoo.

Our product development and feasibility work triggered:

  • a $2M investment to add more glamping tents in front of the savannah area and move the famous Roar and Snore tented accommodation to a larger site; and
  • a $4M investment to develop 15 Savannah Cabins.

The feasibility included identification of development costs, forecasts that featured sensitivity testing, and market testing via focus group with the target markets.

We then refined the proposals and developed a Business Case for each, which resulted in the Zoo Trust securing matching external funding to implement the Business Case.

Photos courtesy of Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

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Our feasibility assessment and business case has resulted in the $50M development of a new art gallery in Shepparton in south-eastern Australia.

The new SAM building is an outstanding example of exciting, best-practice contemporary museum architecture.

A 33m×33m cube-like form, the new museum is located on the south-eastern corner of Victoria Park Lake to maximise SAM’s greatest asset, the park setting.

Photos courtesy of Shepparton Art Museum

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Shepparton Art Museum, Victoria, Australia
Shepparton Art Museum, Victoria, Australia
Shepparton Art Gallery site aerial shot


What we do

We help find the essence of a destination and then create and market tourism experiences that inspires, awakens, and changes people.

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We love working closely with our clients to make sure every idea is a success – from analysis and planning, to creative ideas and product development, to operational assistance.

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Creating inspiring places


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