Investment Plan to develop Nature Tourism in Colombia

We concepted the following WOW factor products to drive nature tourism in Nariño, Colombia: Adventure Tourism Hub that includes an integrated glamping operation in the Juanambú Canyon Glamping in the tree canopy for birdwatchers and their families in the misty forests of the Ñambi Reserve Experiences in coastal and wetland ecosystems accompanied by high-level accommodations, … Read more

Nature Tourism Strategy for Narino, Colombia

In Nariño, nature tourism offers enormous potential to create employment and help achieve national development goals for poverty alleviation, economic growth and the conservation of the department’s unique natural and cultural resources wealth. The Nariño nature tourism offer is relatively passive (based on looking rather than doing) and there is a lack of experiences. However, … Read more

Recovery Plan for Nature-based tourism in Colombia

USAid engaged Colombian based CREATA and SMA Tourism to assess the feasibility of major investment in nature based tourism in former conflict regions of Colombia. To achieve this we undertook: an analysis of the tourism and nature tourism market pre and during the COVID-19 pandemic; separate primary market research into international and domestic markets, and … Read more

Beatriz Martin

Beatriz Martin headshot

Beatriz joined SMA Tourism as an Associate in 2020 and is based in Columbia. She has 15 years’ of experience in environmental and sustainable tourism projects for public institutions, cooperation agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the private sector. Beatriz is an expert in tourism planning and in the development and implementation of applied methodologies for … Read more

Carolina Gonzales

Carolina Gonzales headshot

Carolina joined SMA Tourism in 2019 to develop a nature tourism plan and investment plan for Narino, Colombia, and is based in Colombia. She has solid experience in the design and implementation of policies, plans and the development of projects to promote sustainable tourism in protected areas generating benefits for local communities simultaneously utilising personal … Read more

Daysy Angeles

Daysy Angeles headshot

Daysy started working with SMA Tourism as an Associate in 2019, including the development of a Nature Tourism Strategy and investment prospectus for the Colombian region of Narino. Daysy has 15 years of experience as a tourism manager, designing, planning and managing tourism projects. She has led project teams at a National level in Peru … Read more

Julián Huerfano

Julian Huerfano headshot

Julián joined SMA Tourism in 2018 to develop nature tourism and an investment plan in Colombia, and then a Nature Tourism Recovery Plan for Colombia, and is based in Colombia. He has 15 years’ experience in administration, finance, social investment and project management relating to sustainability and tourism. During the last 10 years, he has … Read more

Mauricio Rincón Falla

Mauricio Rincon Falla headshot

Mauricio joined SMA Tourism in 2018 to develop nature tourism in Colombia and is based in Colombia. He is a specialist in marketing management, focusing on projects that improve community and SME access to sustainable economic opportunities, especially in the tourism sector. He is skilled in situation analysis, and medium and long-term planning, has extensive … Read more