Recovery Plan for Nature-based tourism in Colombia

Two menu paddleboarding watching a whale breach

USAid engaged Colombian based CREATA and SMA Tourism to assess the feasibility of major investment in nature based tourism in former conflict regions of Colombia.

To achieve this we undertook:

  • an analysis of the tourism and nature tourism market pre and during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • separate primary market research into international and domestic markets, and into domestic and international distributors;
  • an audit of existing nature tourism destinations to shortlist high potential areas;
  • an analysis of the nature tourism value chain;
  • consultation with potential domestic and international nature tourism investors; and
  • development of WOW factor products at shortlisted sites.

We then matched up all of the work to determine a pre-feasibility conclusion on investment in the sector to aid a potential Recovery Plan for Colombia.

Panagora Group/USAid