Seven day ecotour from Angel Falls summit to villages (involving helicopter drop at 2,000m Summit of Falls and hike down from crash site)

Three panel comic style Angel Falls title with cliffs and waterfalls

Involving a helicopter drop at 2,000m Summit of Falls and hike down from crash site.

Angel Falls in Venezuela is the World’s tallest waterfall, in a majestic place. But the Venezuelan government wanted a WOW factor EXPERIENCE – something more immersive and high yielding to generate even more social media noise.

We created an adventure with a cultural dimension based on helicopter transport onto the mountain top where Jimmy Angel, who flew into the mountain by mistake, and discovered the Falls, had to find his way off. Small groups use Jimmy’s diary to follow the escape route and relive the experience.

We developed this product with and for local company Salto Angel Tours to operate. We limited the number of tours and tour group size, creating scarcity and focusing demand. The product attracted the highest spend rate per day, and the highest occupancy of any tour in South America. The operator reinvested 20% of proceeds back into the national park and participating villages. It also won lots of tourism awards. Unfortunately the operation stopped a few years ago due to the Venezuelan economic crisis.

Angel Ecotours
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