Investment Plan to develop Nature Tourism in Colombia

A suspended walkway with a mountainous backdrop

We concepted the following WOW factor products to drive nature tourism in Nariño, Colombia:

  • Adventure Tourism Hub that includes an integrated glamping operation in the Juanambú Canyon
  • Glamping in the tree canopy for birdwatchers and their families in the misty forests of the Ñambi Reserve
  • Experiences in coastal and wetland ecosystems accompanied by high-level accommodations, on the island of Bocagrande
  • A hotel / spa that offers wellness services and business services such as conferences or congresses, located in the mountains around Pasto.

These WOW factor products were detailed in an Investment Plan and an investor video. The Investment Plan featured a scan of potential National and international investors, completed through extensive research and engagement. We matched the investors to different proposed developments, and indicated potential investment amounts, terms and conditions.

Global Green Growth Institute