Sustainable Tourism Management


What we do

  • Policies and plans to make tourism more sustainable
  • Tourism plans for protected areas
  • Sustainable tourism monitoring and adaptive management systems
  • Minimal impact practices
  • Training in sustainable tourism management

How we do it well

The centrepiece of our expertise in sustainable tourism is the Sustainable Tourism Model (or STM, sometimes called an Observatory). The STM is like a living, breathing plan, but it only triggers action when reliable feedback says it is critical, and even then it has an armament of sliding scale responses to choose from. Our clients using the STM can monitor, learn and respond when needed, and when issues are fixed, they can ease off adaptive management action and return to monitoring. 


Simon spends three minutes explaining our approach to sustainable tourism monitoring and adaptive management.

Tourism Monitoring and Adaptive Management Models and Observatories

Project Country Client
Tourism Observatory - best practice input Cyprus Cyprus Tourism Organisation
Sustainable Tourism Model for Exuma Cays Bahamas Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Bahamas National Trust
Tourism Optimisation Management Model for Kangaroo Island Australia South Australian Tourism Commission
Tourism Observatory for Huangshan World Heritage Area China World Tourism Organisation
Guidebook - Using indicators to strategically plan for tourism Madrid World Tourism Organisation
Integrated Monitoring and Adaptive Management System for North Head Quarantine Station Australia Mawland Group and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Integrated Monitoring and Adaptive Management System for Triplet Falls Australia Department of Sustainability and Environment
Social and Environmental Carrying Capacity for Jenolan Caves Australia Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust
Visitor Impact Management Model for 20 Protected Areas in Victoria Australia Parks Victoria
Recreation Opportunity Spectrum for Australian Alps National Parks Australia ACT Parks and Conservation Service
Benchmarking of Visitor Impact Management Models used in Australia Australia NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Workshops on the implementation of Visitor Impact Management models Canada Parks Canada
Visitor impact assessment of Mnt Roraima, Canaima World Heritage Area Venezuela InParques

Sustainable Tourism Guidelines and Capacity Building

Project Country Client
Best Practice Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism Australia Tourism Council Australia
International Best Practice Guidelines for tourism and conservation partnerships Guatamala World Tourism Organisation
Tourism industry capacity building program for nature and ecotourism operators in Venezuela Venezuela Fondoturismo
Guide training in interpretation for one day white water rafting Costa Rica Rios Tropicales
Adaptive management for tourism in Maldives to address climate change Maldives United Nations Development Program
Training in sustainable tourism practices Panama United Nations Development Program