What we do

  • Visitor / customer research
  • Needs analysis
  • Target market and new market identification
  • Brand development, refreshment and reinvigoration
  • Marketing Plans, featuring repositioning, product reinvigoration and promotion strategies
  • Still photo-shoots capturing brand essence and target markets, and video photo shoots to drive social media campaigns
  • Packages to assist expedite the sale of a tourism property / business and increase the sale price

How we do it well

Our marketing typically starts with research that leads to a clear definition of who the customer is and what they are looking for. Then we derive or refresh brand essence – the most distinctive and appealing characteristics of a product or destination. Then we clarify the target markets in psychographic form so a range of stakeholders can understand and embrace them in their product development, positioning and promotion. Then we clarify how both the customer needs and brand essence relate to each other. Then we create marketing messages, look and feel that reflects this relationship.

Clients really enjoy the way we can capture what they intuitively knew they delivered but had not previously marketed to their customers. The result is a more exciting and competitive proposition.


Matchu Pitchu

We have helped reposition and reinvigorate guided treks on Peru’s Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.


Project Country Client
National Rebrand for Anguilla Tourism (Caribbean) Anguilla Ministry of Tourism & Commonwealth Secretariat
National Rebrand for Columbia Columbia ProExport and Ministry Tourism
National Rebrand for Vanuatu Tourism Vanuatu Ministry of Tourism & AusAid
Brand For Newcastle, Newcastle Museum, Newcastle Now and Surfest Australia Newcastle City Council
Rebrand of NSW Nature Tourism and campaigns Australia Tourism NSW
Brand development, public relations and collateral for Q Station Australia Mawland Group
Repositioning guided treks in Peru Peru Sherpa Expeditions

 Marketing Plans

Project Country Client
Marketing Plan for five heritage tourism centres and two guided tours Anguilla Ministry of Tourism and Commonwealth Secretariat
Marketing Plan to direct new campaign Columbia ProExport Columbia and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism of Colombia
Marketing Plan for Q Station (North Head Quarantine Station) Australia Mawland Group
Marketing Plan for Myall Shores Ecolodge and Murramarang Ecolodge Australia EcoPoint
Marketing Plan for Noah’s On the Beach Australia Noah’s On the Beach
Marketing Plan for electric bus transit system, Plitvice Lakes National Park Yugoslavia Yugoslavian Office of Tourism and Department of Environment



Project Country Client
Passport ticketing system, e-business website, digital and social media, printed collateral, displays and sign plan for five heritage tourism centres and two guided tours Anguilla Ministry of Tourism and Commonwealth Secretariat
Destination Campaigns for Newcastle Australia Newcastle City Council
Nature Tourism collateral and campaigns Australia Tourism Tasmania
Marketing assistance in business planning and packaging operations South Africa Waterways Surf Adventures

Accreditation, Certification and Labelling

Project Country Client
Swedish ecotourism accreditation program Natures Best Sweden Swedish Ecotourism Association
Indigenous Tourism Accreditation Program for Australia Australia Indigenous Australia Association
National Ecotourism Accreditation Program Australia Ecotourism Australia
Arctic (LINKS) Tourism Accreditation Program Arctic WWF and European Union
International accreditation program for conservation volunteering Bulgaria, Italy, UK, USA, Mexico, Australia, NZ Conservation Volunteers Alliance
Accreditation Program for Vanuatu tourism industry Vanuatu AusAid

Other Marketing Projects

Project Country Client
Marketing package for sale of Brindabella Station Australia Brindabella Station
Development of 20 touch screen visitor information kiosks Australia Newcastle City Council
Funding partnership between ACCOR and WWF Australia World Wildlife Fund for Nature
Capacity building in marketing for Peruvian tourism operators Peru GTZ and International Tourism Encounters
Demand assessment and competitive analysis of surf tourism Tonga Ha’atafu Beach Resort, Royal Sunset Island Resort and Hellala Holiday Lodge
Review of tourism experience and interpretation provided on Old City of Jerusalem Israel Israel Ministry of Tourism
Review of the competitive strengths and product reinvigoration opportunities for tented camp and ecotour operations in three protected areas of Kenya Kenya Kenya Tourism Board
Establishment of an Asia Pacific Network for Sustainable Tourism Asia Pacific United Nations Environment Program
Economic development and marketing advice to assist the local economy adjust to the bypassing of the Pacific Highway from the centre of Kempsey Australia Kempsey Shire Council