Strategic Plan for the Hume and Hovell Track, NSW

The Hume and Hovell Track (the Track), which stretches 426km between Yass and Albury in New South Wales, Australia. SMA Tourism prepared a Strategic Plan to address the ‘big picture’ of what the Track should be and what is needed to achieve this. This Strategic Plan proposed to transform the Hume and Hovell Track:

  • from a focus on vast and intimidating length to bite sized differentiated and achievable sections;
  • from a focus on extreme self-reliance to an offer of a diverse range of services that make exploring the Track safer, easier, exciting, more comfortable and more efficient for those that are time poor;
  • from conventional interpretation to creative interpretation that is emotionally engaging and relevant to contemporary society, including a shared history and deeper understanding of Aboriginal people’s ongoing connection to country and culture; and
  • from a largely unknown asset and walk opportunity, to one widely known and used because it is different and offers choices to how it can be experienced.

The Strategic Plan was developed through site analysis and two rounds of consultation:

  • Round 1 presented a detailed Situation Analysis and sought feedback on what the strategic directions should be;
  • Round 2 presented the Draft Strategic Directions and Implementation Plan and sought feedback on how to further improve the Draft to a Final.

Both rounds of consultation generated consultation reports that documented what stakeholders suggested and what they prioritised.

The Strategic Plan proposed seven strategic directions:

  1. Reform governance and funding
  2. Enhance Track management systems
  3. Develop and scale back sections of the Track to deliver key focus areas
  4. Enhance directional and wayfinding signage
  5. Develop and grow support services to Track users
  6. Deliver opportunities for local Aboriginal people
  7. Evolve marketing from promoting Track sections to Track experiences

Each of these seven strategic directions were then supported by individual sets of actions to be implemented over the next 10 years. Each of the seven action plans was given a suggested priority and timeframe for implementation.

Implementing this Strategic Plan should significantly lift visitation to the region, lift and diversify use of the Track, and generate social, cultural and economic benefits for the region and its stakeholders.

To access the Background doc Background to The Hume and Hovell Track

To access the Final Strategic Plan FINAL Strategic Plan for the Hume and Hovell Track

Focus Experiences for the Hume and Hovell Track on one map

Snowy Mountains Council on behalf of Crown Lands NSW
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