Night Skies Tourism Product Development Strategy

Destination Network Country & Outback NSW asked us to develop Australia’s first Product Development Strategy for ‘Night Skies’ experiences within the region. We first developed a Gap Analysis Report on Night Skies Tourism, which summarised the results of a literature review, product audit, stakeholder consultation and benchmarking initiatives from outside the region. We then developed four concepts:

  1. A network of star bathing attractions – outdoor baths with warm water to lay in and watch the stars
  2. Bubble tent / transparent dome accommodation
  3. 3D mobile dome, featuring multiple 3D projectors providing an interactive digital theatre environment in surround vision and sound, supported by pre-recorded narration or a guide
  4. Adaptive reuse of surplus observatory buildings to provide observatory themed accommodation, supported by customised and exclusive stargazing within operational parts of the observatory

The private sector has since begin implementing their opportunities, and a business case is in preparation for public funded projects.

We concepted a 3D interactive dome facility that utilises multiple 3D projectors and a sound surround audio system, so as to provide a 3D experience that is much more immersive and interactive and social than a planetarium. It is possible to meld several media forms including 3D interactivity, film, animation, and theatre to tell stories in a more visual, entertaining and impactful manner. The visual projections are portrayed over large spaces and along the surround sound, gives people a full immersion in 360 degrees.

Proposed 3D Dome, inside the dome performance, and 3D projections inside the dome

The content could generate a multi-cultural perspective on the Night Skies that adds to the scientific perspectives from the Chinese, Indian and perhaps regional Aboriginal communities.

The production could be easily dubbed into a range of languages, so that audiences who do not have English as their first language could wear a headset and follow the same production.

Destination Network Country & Outback NSW
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