Feasibility Assessment for Warrnambool Art Gallery

The Warrnambool Art Gallery in Victoria was identified as having outgrown its building and consequently being unable to deliver its objectives to the standard of a typical regional gallery in Victoria. The project subsequently involved: identification of lead trends affecting galleries and museums; analysis of relevant local documents, targeted then wider stakeholder consultation, Functional Brief and area allocations, site option analysis and a Site Options Report, and then for the two shortlisted options further proposal scoping, then development costing, visitation / financial / economic forecasting, potential issues for development and a recommended option.

Proposed building footprint / layout for recommended site at Warrnambool:

Qualitative assessment for the shortlisted two options:

After finalising the Feasibility Assessment, we then developed a Summary Report and Questions and Answers support document to assist the community understand the problem, the two alternative solutions and their strengths and limitations – see https://www.yoursaywarrnambool.com.au/preferred-location-warrnambool-art-gallery.

Warrnambool City Council