Hermannsburg Historical Precinct - SMA Toursim

This week the implementation of the SMA Tourism Masterplan for Hermannsburg scored a $3 million ‘turbo boost’.

The funds add to the $600,000 already invested, and will be used to implement a raft of practical and strategic recommendations in our plan to conserve and revitalise this historic precinct.

SMA team members Simon McArthur and Glenn Berrill (pictured) deeply immersed themselves in the local Aboriginal community. The result has been unusually high ownership of the Tourism Plan. This ownership made it easier for the Northern Territory government to allocate such a significant lump sum.

The Hermannsburg Historic Precinct is one of only five nationally listed heritage sites in the Northern Territory and is a cornerstone attraction for visitors to the West MacDonnell region.

To access the report, please download Hermannsburg Regional Visitor Experiences Master Plan.pdf.