Ex-congressman Eduardo Veliz (white hair) leads a protest at San Cristobál airport, Galapagos, against excessive development, prior to his arrest. Photo: El Colono (Galapagos newspaper).

The sustainability of the Galapagos Islands is being debated, with a relaxing of foreign investment policy.

Read the following article from the Ecologist, but keep in mind that the policy change could yet be further tailored to source funds for sustainable development for tourism and local residents, rather than just for luxury – turn a problem into a solution.


Galápagos rebellion against foreign investment in hotels, golf courses, luxury tourism

Residents of Ecuador’s Galápagos islands are mounting angry protests against government plans to open the World Heritage Site to foreign investment in luxury tourism and hotels, writes Jane Shaw. They fear for the fragile ecology of the islands…

Simon McArthur

Simon McArthur

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