Our Competitive Strengths


We are totally capable of being creative and analytical at the same time, and so offer six competitive strengths – three associated with the logical ‘left side’ of the brain and three with the creative ‘right side’ of the brain.

Left side strengths

  • Logical
  • Comprehensive
  • Transparent

Right side strengths

  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Flexible


Simon McArthur-tourism-what-we-doIn applying these competitive strengths, we are renown for developing innovative tourism experiences that reflect specific target market needs and strengthen the competitive advantage of a destination or business. We generate innovative concepts for experiences and then test and verify their strength. We have concentrated this specialisation through ecotourism, cultural tourism and food and wine sectors.

We are not ex bureaucrats – we have been directly responsible for funding, developing and operating tourism businesses. So we understand development and operational risk and we practice what we preach. What’s more, many of our clients retain us into the medium to help guide them through the development and soft launch phases.

This on-going involvement consolidates our pragmatic (market and operational sensitivity) that is so valuable to reinvigorating and creating tourism products and experiences.

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